Jacomcu: Japanese American Community Credit Union


July 1990 -- The CU begins utilizing Ultra Data’s in-house computer system.

August 1990 -- ARS (audio response system) now allows members to access their account 24/7 via phone.

September 1990 -- Approval is received from the Department of Corporations (DOC) to expand our membership boundaries to include all of Los Angeles County and also include all immediate family members (i.e. parents, children, spouse, and siblings) of existing members into our field of membership.

August 1991 -- The Japanese School Credit Union and approximately 350 members merged into our CU.

October 1992 -- Bank of America, which had bought out SPNB, terminated the share draft and ATM program credit unions had with SPNB. Wescorp becomes the share draft processor and the Co-Op Network becomes the ATM processor for the CU.

September 1992 -- Home loans, which were the basis for establishing the CU, had been discontinued for years are reintroduced.

May 1993 -- Home equity loans become available.

August 1994 – Scott Umemoto starts working at the CU.

September 1995 -- The “Ri” VISA Credit Card becomes available.

February 1997 – Nadine Morimoto starts working at the CU.

March 1997 -- The DOC approves our field of membership change to include all those of Japanese decent residing in Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties.

September 1997 -- Share Certificates become available.

November 1997 – The CU gets a toll-free phone number (888) LASWJCU or (888) 527-9528

October 1998 – Y2K preparations begin.

December 1998 – Albert Chang starts working at the CU.

January 1, 2000 – Y2K arrives with no hoopla. The CU is ready. All accounts are fine. No data is lost.


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